Новинки видео : San Jose Gay Pride Boys и другое Печать
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24.08.2011 07:39
the one white boy in the green shorts was gettin it!
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iSEE and ICS took part in the Stockholm Pride Week in Sweden, 2011. Lots of study tours to DO, EXPO, RSFL, RSFU, etc. were held. We attended some seminars in the Pride House too. ICS, along with other colleagues from Central Asia and East Europe were under instruction of Civil Rights Defenders and co-organized a seminar on "Coming out of the closet" talking about the obstacles and how we have overcame them in every countries. iSEE and RFSU working on a seminar on "LGBT Rights in Vietnam, a Glimpse." iSEE supports the first LGBT-rights organisation in Vietnam, ISC. RFSU is cooperating with iSEE to help ICS get established. (0:48 - 2:04) The Parade takes place August 6, at 1pm. It starts from Zinkensdamms IP at Ringvägen and ends at the Festival Area at Sergels Torg. (5:20 - 6:45)
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Probably one of the best photoshoots you will find of the Amsterdam Canal Parade 2011 with many great pics. It's the main event of the Gay Pride week with hundredthousends among the canals of Amsterdam, to have a good view on the worlds best Gay event. Take a seat, enjoy the pics and music from the gay top 100 and enjoy the Amsterdam Extravaganza highlight of the Canal Parade. For the highres pics: Check on www.photography-rickvangerven.nl and follow the OYPO links to order your photo's and other gadgets like T-shirts, mugs, etc.
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